Peter Brennan, prolific TV creator is Interviewed by Lou Dennig – Ep 003

Listen to Lou’s conversation with the prolific producer Peter Brennan. He’s a newsman and storyteller. Peter created GOOD DAY NEW YORK and A CURRENT AFFAIR for Fox, Started JUDGE JUDY and followed that with JUDGE JOE BROWN, CHRISTINA’S COURT and LAST SHOT WITH JUDGE GUNN. He’s won Emmy’s, he’s broken stories and one of his most recent projects was El Chapo & Sean Penn, the BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLE. I met up with Peter in the great room of his beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills.

Peter is still so curious, it was wonderful to re-connect with him. I want to thank his lovely wife, Lisa Lew for setting up our meeting. You can find out more about Peter and Lisa through the link below:

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