Linda Ellman (Entertainment Tonight & Hard Copy) and Barry Berk (NBC Nightly News & Access Hollywood) are Interviewed by Lou Dennig – Ep 006

Check out Lou’s conversation with two seasoned news producers, Linda Ellman and Barry Berk. They worked together at NBC Nightly News and Entertainment Tonight. Linda went on to Hard Copy, Speaking of Woman’s Health, The Rob Nelson talk show and Intimate Portraits for Lifetime. Barry helped start Access Hollywood then co-founded the successful events company BBDR Pacific where he Executive Produces Charity Events and Business Conferences. They’ve both had adventures in news gathering and that’s what we are talking about in this episode. They shared stories about triumphs and tragedies, life on the road and the competition to deliver the best stories to viewers every day.

Linda and Barry are very involved in the Hope Street Margolis Family Center here in Los Angles. Hope Street provides so many great services for families in need. You can learn more about their program, just follow the link below:

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Before Social Media was invented, the national conversation started on television. Shows like Donahue, Hard Copy and Oprah brought fresh ideas, debate, controversy and opinion to viewers every day. On this program, we talk with the creators, executives and celebrities who connected us, back in the day. These storytellers used mass media to make intimate topics and personal details part of our national culture, way before Social Media brought that kind of content to the devices we carry around every day.

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