Larry Lyttle, who put Judge Judy on TV is Interviewed by Lou Dennig – Ep 002

Meet Larry Lyttle the man who put JUDGE JUDY on TV.  Larry was President of Big Ticket Television, the production company that created hit network sitcoms MOESHA and THE PARKERS, and in syndication produced JUDGE JOE BROWN and the mega hit court show, JUDGE JUDY.  I talked to Larry about the path of his career, what made his hit factory tick and about how Judge Judy got on the air and became the cultural icon that it is today.

It was my joy and privilege to produce Larry’s show JUDGE JOE BROWN for 13 seasons.    Larry is very involved with gun control and the Alzheimer’s Foundation and you can also find links to those organizations below:

The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

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