Kathryn Sermak Is Interviewed by Lou Dennig – Ep 008

Kathryn Sermak Is Interviewed by Lou Dennig - Games, Gab & Gossip Ep 008

Listen to Lou’s conversation with Kathryn Sermak.  Kathryn worked for King World Productions in Los Angeles and New York.  She helped Michael King, Ernie DeMassa, Paul Gilbert and many others including Rolonda Watts and her talk show.  Kathryn’s written a book about her experiences as the personal assistant to Bette Davis.  She was with the legendary Movie Star through her late career renaissance, her recovery from a debilitating stroke, a humiliating public betrayal and was bedside at the star’s death.  Kathryn’s book is called MISS D & ME – it’s a fascinating read and she has many stories to tell.

Kathryn Sermak makes frequent apparences in support of her book MISS D & ME.  If you have the chance to catch up with Kathryn in person, don’t miss it.  She has an infectious energy that is very appealing.  You can check out her schedule or buy the book at her website:


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