Introduction to Games, Gab & Gossip with Host, Lou Dennig – Ep 000

GAMES, GAB & GOSSIP: TV Before Social Media Sucked the Life Out of Broadcasting with Host, Lou Dennig.

OPRAH, MONTEL, SALLY and PHIL plus ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, HARD COPY, A CURRENT AFFAIR and don’t forget THE DATING GAME, ELIMADATE & PEOPLE’S COURT. Before social media sucked the life out of local broadcasters, these shows were how we shared stories, emotions and experiences. These Syndicated Shows were where the national conversation started.

Today, these kinds of conversations start on Social Media and continue on the devices we carry around every day. But there was a time when shows sold in Syndication were king. Sony, Universal, Paramount, Disney and King World – all the studios were big players in this game. And the audience engagement with syndicated shows generated billions of dollars.

In this podcast series, Lou Dennig will introduce you to the key players who made this industry thrive. Studio Heads, Talent, Executive Producers and Agents will tell the stories of their hits and misses. Deals that went belly up and shows that became cultural icons. The stories are great and the people behind them are even more interesting.

Lou was in the middle of all this madness. As a programming advisor to local broadcasters, a Studio Executive and showrunner, Lou Dennig was intimately involved throughout this golden age in local Broadcasting. The stakes were high, the rewards were great and the memories are priceless. Download and Stay Close…

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