TV Before Social Media Sucked The Life Out Of Broadcasting

Oprah, Montel, Sally and Phil plus Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy, A Current Affair and don’t forget The Dating Game, Elimadate & People’s Court. Before social media sucked the life out of local broadcasters, these shows were how we shared stories, emotions and experiences. There was a time when shows sold in Syndication were king. King World, Sony, Universal, Paramount, Disney – all the studios were big players in this game. And the audience engagement with syndicated shows generated billions of dollars.

In this podcast series, Lou Dennig introduces you to the key players who made this industry thrive. Studio Heads, Talent, Executive Producers and Agents will tell the stories of their hits and misses. Deals that went belly up and shows that became cultural icons. The stories are great and the people behind them are even more interesting. And Lou was in the middle of all this madness. As a programming advisor to local broadcasters, a Studio Executive and showrunner, Lou Dennig was intimately involved throughout this golden age in local Broadcasting. The stakes were high, the rewards were great and the memories are priceless. Download and Stay Close…We’ll be back in two and two.

And Your Host... Lou Dennig

Host Lou DennigLou Dennig is an Executive Producer and Studio Executive with experience managing Current Programs, Development for Syndication and Cable, Local Broadcasting Schedules, Advertising, Promotion, Research and Business Affairs. As an EP, the programs he has produced have delivered significant ratings growth and have been honored with Emmy nominations. As a Studio Executive, Dennig has successfully managed and guided development for Talk Shows, Court Shows, Games and Magazines. His programming is delivered on time and on budget, even as those budgets have shifted downward. Dennig produced the first Court Show shot to time, which resulted in significant cost savings.

Mr. Dennig began his career at CBS, Inc. holding a number of positions in Business Affairs where he managed budgets and contracts for Daytime, Late Night, Children’s and Interstitial Programming from 1979 to 1986. Dennig then gained broadcasting experience as Program Director for WTVH, the CBS affiliate in Syracuse, N.Y., which lead to a successful stint in the Rep business as vice president of programming for Blair Television. In that capacity Dennig helped client broadcast stations select and license programming, stack and promote that product, analyze Neilson data including flow studies and focus group research, plus develop growth for Local Newscasts.

Dennig then served as senior vice president of programming for Worldvision Enterprises from 1995 to 1998. During his tenure, he participated in the development and launch of JUDGE JUDY, JUDGE JOE BROWN, the game show PICTIONARY and the talk show JIM J. & TAMMY FAYE. Dennig then segued to Paramount Domestic Television (now CBS Television Distribution) where he oversaw the daily production on LEEZA, MAXIMUM EXPOSURE, REAL TV and DR. LAURA in addition to the two successful court shows.

As Co-Executive Producer of JUDGE JOE BROWN, Dennig produced over 3000 episodes of the series, which remained the second highest rated court show in television for over 750 consecutive weeks (behind JUDGE JUDY). During the final seasons of JUDGE JOE BROWN, Dennig also produced SWIFT JUSTICE WITH NANCY GRACE for CBS.

Following the cancellation of JJB, Dennig served as EP on DIVORCE COURT where he shot a court show with authentic litigants to time; an unprecedented achievement that cut post production costs in half. In Dennig’s first season at DIVORCE COURT, the program delivered a 10% larger audience that the prior season and garnered an Emmy nomination.

Following two seasons on DIVORCE COURT, Mr. Dennig has developed or produced a number of projects including THE MEDIATOR for Endemol, HIGHER COURT for Propagate, PALIN RULES and THE RAW WORD. Most recently, Dennig was Co-EP on the Comedy Central project THE HIGH COURT jointly produced by Propagate and Jash.

Dennig holds a Master of Arts degree from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Haverford College. He is a member of the Producers Guild of America (p.g.a.) and the Television Academy. Click here to connect with Lou.